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Fueled by our patent-pending technology

Guarding you for daily life.

The Proof is in the Science.

Guarding you for daily life.

The Proof is in the Science.

Protect the life you love

because life is full of the unexpected.

We have an intricate immune system that normally does a good job of protecting us but...

our immune systems are constantly being hindered by other factors.







The Big Issue for Immune Health

These stressors lead to the big issue for the immune system and overall health: oxidative stress. When our immune system is compromised, it can allow invaders in.

That’s why we made an all-in-one immunity supplement that combats oxidative stress.

Packed with powerful & proven natural ingredients

We put all these natural powerhouse ingredients into one balanced supplement.



Superior anti-oxidant that maintains immunity.


Keeps immune system


Anti-inflammatory &


Supports immune functions
& a healthy respiratory system.


An essential micronutrient for
oxidative damage protection.

Vitamin D3

Supports lung functions & maintains immunity.

Vitamin C

Supports immune system
& helps fight free radicals.

Spirulina Extract​

Boosts interferon
during oxidative  stress.

Ferulic Acid

Supports the body
in times of stress.


Supports curcumin absorption.

Fueled by

our highly absorbable oxidation-fighting complex. Because if you can’t absorb it, what’s the point right? We took the best of nature & science so you get the best results with this patent-pending formula.

A science driven non-prescription formula with ingredients that can help in supporting your immunity, even at these challenging time and guard you for daily life. Why wouldn’t you try it?”

Dr. Aaron Arredando

Board-Certified Emergency Medicine
Clinical Asst. Professor
Ronald O. Parelman Department of Emergency Medicine at NYU grossman school of medicine
24 Hour Immunity is an innovative supplement fortified with novel patent pending curcumin Zinc metal complex, scientifically proven for its immune modulating, antioxidant and inflammation balancing properties.

Dr. Ajay Srivastava

DVM, PhD (Pharmacology)
Adjunct Faculty, University of Wisconsin, Stout, Founder Ex Senior Scientist University of Utah, Anti-epileptic Drug development Program

Made by Scientists,
for everyday people.

Life is unpredictable, take control of what you can.