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Health is Our Mission

Good health is what we do.

Good health is the core of what we do. That’s why it’s our mission to offer nutrition backed by science, so you can seek good health without settling. We do it by extensively researching and carefully formulating products that are simple, effective, and proven.

You shouldn't wonder what's in your supplements.
We are committed to the highest quality and 100% transparency, no short-cuts, no secrets. We want you to feel confident in your supplements.
The experts have your back.
Our team of health and nutrition experts developed a blend that includes just the right form and dose of ingredients to ensure real results.

We take health seriously.

That’s why we have a professional team of scientific, quality, and regulatory experts to ensure quality and safety at every stage of production. 24-hour Supplement is compliant with all applicable food and supplement regulations. Transparency is important to us, so all of our products are made in the USA by suppliers and manufacturers who meet our stringent quality requirements.

Our Management Team

Our team of experienced leaders in the health and scientific community.

Raj Lall

CEO, Probiotic Smart LLC.

M.S. Pharmacognosy, Department of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota

Dr. Prafulla Kumar

Advisor, Probiotic Smart LLC

DVM, MBA, MDP, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), India

Killol Raval

Advisor, Probiotic Smart LLC

M.S. Microbiology, Gujarat University, India

Dr. Anita Sinha

Advisor, Probiotic Smart LLC

M.S Chemistry, Ph.D Human Resources, Gujarat University, India

Mary Zukowski

Advisor, Probiotic Smart LLC

Over 30 Years of Experience in diverse fields like corporate law, finance, customer service and agriculture