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Free Shipping on All Orders above $59. We ship all orders by next business day.
Foods and Supplements to Boost the Immune System

Support Your Immunity, Naturally!

Foods to Support the Immune System 

Our delicate immune system needs the support of a balanced diet, to remain strong and to protect us from infections and health issues. Consumption of a low-fat, plant based diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep are essential in maintaining and strengthening our immune defenses. Fiber-based diets are effective for weight loss, help with digestive disorders and lower the BMI, which in turn, helps to maintain our immunity. Plant-based diet has also been shown to reduce inflammatory biomarkers. Many foods can work wonders in supporting the immune system, as they are equipped with necessary vitamins which are rich in antioxidants. These help to normalize oxidative stress and support overall health. Some examples of such fruits and vegetables are:

Citrus fruits, Red bell peppers, Broccoli, Garlic, Ginger, Spinach, Yogurt, Almonds, etc.

Better Absorption for Enhanced Benefits

Looking for the right immunity supporting supplement is not easy, especially for those who are dealing with health concerns. The market is flooded with myriad of supplements and each promises good health. Then which supplement can you really count on?

24hr Supplement is a complete and powerful immunity supplement that is packed with natural ingredients and fueled by TurmiZn-OSTM—a novel and advanced, natural complex of Turmeric extract and Zinc. This all-in-one formula helps normalize oxidative stress and support immunity. TurmiZn-OSTM is created by the chelation of curcumin and tetrahydrocurcumin with zinc, specifically designed to help normalize oxidative stress and inflammation with improved anti-oxidant activity and immunity. The synergistic effect of complexing zinc, curcumin, and tetrahydrocurcumin allows better absorption of curcumin along with enhanced solubility and stability, which is the heart of TurmiZn-OS technology.

Apart from Turmeric, other powerful ingredients include vitamins and minerals like Elderberry, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamins C, Vitamin D3, Ferulic acid, Spirulina extract (Phycocyanin) and Piperine.

Ingredients Found in Food and Supplements to Support the Immune System

Let’s take a look at the natural ingredients used to create 24hr supplement-Immunity:

  • Tetrahydrocurcumin - Tetrahydrocurcumin plays an important role in the antioxidant mechanism of curcumin and is the most potent antioxidant of the curcuminoids.
  • Zinc - Zinc is a nutrient found throughout the body that helps in the stability of a healthy immune system and metabolism. This superhero nutrient keeps the immune system strong and supports normal growth. According to National health surveys, 67% of the adult population does not consume the recommended dietary intake of zinc (RDI). Insufficient intake of Zinc can lead to increased risk of infection, skin disorders, and a decreased sense of taste and smell. Adding Zinc to curcumin has shown great promise for supporting immunity by improving solubility and helping better oxidative stress reduction.
  • Curcumin - Curcumin, the naturally occurring chemical in turmeric, is an effective compound to help support the immune system, by maintaining the immunomodulating capacity of the body.
  • Black Elderberry - Black Elderberry is a powerful phytonutrient that has been used for centuries to support immune functions and to promote a healthy respiratory system. It’s packed with powerful antioxidants. In vitro studies have shown that anthocyanins and flavonols extracted from elderberries possess powerful free radical scavenging properties and immunomodulatory properties
  • Selenium - Selenium is an essential micronutrient for oxidative damage protection and is an essential co-factor for certain peroxidases. Decrease in Selenium intake, can result in an insufficient immune response. Selenium supports heart and bone health. Studies have shown that Influenza is more pathogenic in selenium-deficient mice, and selenium deficiency also increases the rate at which viruses can mutate, promoting the evolution of strains that are more pathogenic and capable of evading immune surveillance
  • Vitamin D3 - Vitamin D3 has been proven to build up immunity and reduce the risk of flu. It is also known for its powerful support of lung functions. The deficiency of this vitamin is associated with anxiety, depression, fatigue, and slow recovery.
  • Vitamin C - Vitamin C, most commonly found in citrus fruits, is used in many health supplements. This vitamin is essential, meaning your body can’t produce it. It encourages the production of white blood cells, which help support the body during times of stress such as infection and free radicals. Our body’s vitamin C requirement increases when exposed to oxidative stress like flu or viral infection
  • Spirulina Extract - Oral administration of spirulina extract rich in phycocyanin has been found to provide cold and flu support. Phycocyanin boosts interferon during oxidative stress.
  • Ferulic Acid - Ferulic Acid is an antioxidant found naturally in the seeds of fruits like apples and oranges as well as some vegetables, nuts, and grains. This organic compound supports the body in times of stress.
  • Piperine​ - Black Pepper Extract stimulates immune-boosting agents by increasing their bioavailability. It is believed that piperine supports curcumin absorption by over 2,000%.

The above-mentioned compounds help maintain the immune system. Together, these ingredients help normalize oxidative stress, support the immune system and overall health.

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